Coco Nut's - the bavarian Partyband
The Coco Nut's was founded by the Munich Federal Police Orchestra for all of Southern German space. The band performs a wide range of musical styles including German Hits, Country Music, Oldies, Samba, Rock, Pop and a hearty "Bavarian Flavor with the Styrian Accordion" which always creates a good audience mood. Coco Nut's perform with a variety of instruments including trumpet, trombone, guitar, accordion, synthesizer, styrian harmonica, keyboard, baritone and alphorn. The Coco Nut's perform at dance events, wine festivals, carnival balls, birthday parties, garden parties, gala performances and weddings. Ask about our upcoming appearances to gain an impression of one of Bavaria's most versatile bands.
!!! Important information for organizers !!!

(individual agreements remain unaffected)
  • The organizer provides a band stage. Stage size at least: 15′ width x 10′ depth 15' x 10'
  • We need two european power connections with 16 amps protection.
  • The stage must be available for construction two hours before admission.
  • The organizer is responsible for the registration of the event and payment of the fees.
  • Catering for Coco Nut's is free, overnight stay must be discussed separately.
  • The Coco Nut's play the event with three musicians, there is no claim to originial occupation.
  • Coco Nut's provide for technical equipment, instruments and advertising material.
If you have any questions, please contact us, together we will find a good solution.